Pepatian’s *35th* Anniversary & 2018 projects


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Pepatián is a 30+-year old non-profit arts organization in the South Bronx dedicated to creating, producing and supporting multi-disciplinary contemporary art by Latinx and Bronx-based artists. Now in its 35th year, we have PLENTY to celebrate !

What We Need & What You Get

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~ production costs for 2018 Dance Your Future: Artist & Mentor Collaborative Residency project;

~ supplementing teaching artists fees for upcoming workshops in Pepatian’s Hip-Hop Academy & Empowerment Collective projects;

~ production costs for Out of La Negrura/Out of Blackness in the Bronx: A Choreographic Collaboration Across Diaspora documentary film with artists Sita Frederick, Ana “Rokafella” Garcia, & Marion Ramirez.

Your support is invaluable, thank you!

What you get:

Perks include shout outs on Facebook, credit in program,  listing as benefactor on Pepatian’s website, free tickets to upcoming dance shows, DVD of new documentary film, Out of La Negrura/Out of Blackness in the Bronx: A Choreographic Collaboration Across Diaspora, including bonus videos AND Pepatian t-shirt.

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Pepatian Spring 2013!

Collaborating Artist in the BX:MEZCLATINA projCynthia Paniagua photo: Miguel Anaya, 2012

Collaborating Artist in the BX:MEZCLATINA proj
Cynthia Paniagua photo: Miguel Anaya, 2012

Pepatián was founded in 1983 as an artist collective by Pepon Osorio, Merian Soto, and Patti Bradshaw who were from the Bronx and wanted a South Bronx base for artwork. It quickly earned a reputation for its work that was grounded in the community of the South Bronx and its dedication to Latino artists. From its inception Pepatián reached out to the community and continues to do so through participatory programming and support for artists in a multitude of ways. Currently, it serves its “mandate to reach out to Latino artists and audiences underserved by mainstream institutions through performances, residencies, workshops, panels, arts education, mentoring projects, Q&As, and other programming deeply rooted in the borough” (, 2012).

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Live life on the edge, with the arts of course!