Heart, Voice, Song: Three Meetings Performances


NYC Makers: The MAD Biennial exhibition will present three must-see performances:

Thu, Sep 4th, 7pm: Sable Elyse Smith, Simone Tyson, Sara Jimenez.
Fri, Sep 5th, 10am – 9pm: The piece will be open to the public.
Sat, Sep 6th, 1pm: Vocal ensemble Lush Tongue.
Sat, Oct 11th, 3pm: Christhian Diaz.

The performances will activate Meeting Table, part collective musical instrument, part tool for group facilitation. Through combinations of heart, voice, and song, the performances develop the themes of the piece: considering how individuals can share airtime, share power, and acknowledge each other’s presence.

Meeting Table explores group dynamics, ways of articulation, expression, and being together through the reconfiguration of sonic space. The table, constructed as a responsive drum, amplifies the performers’ heartbeats, becoming a collective resonant body. Five stethoscopes are connected to the drum for performers to hold against their chest. The signals are passed to a series of analog electronic circuits that are embedded on the inside of the drum, where they are filtered, amplified, and mixed together. The drum then plays itself, amplifying and resonating with the group’s continually changing pulse.

More information about the show at http://madmuseum.org/exhibition/nyc-makers

Hope to see you there!

Curator and Collector Conversation: Higher Yourself

Curator and Collector Conversation

  • Saturday, April 5, 2014
  • 1:00pm – 2:30pm
  • Tekserve, Community Room
  • Free

Curators and collectors often feel inaccessible to emerging artists who are learning the nuances of art markets. In this conversation, we join curator, collector and artist for a broader understanding of the inner workings of these relationships. Together we will explore how each supports the arts.

Panelists Include:

Elizabeth Saperstein – Independent Curator

Erin Hylton – Co-Founder, The Young Collectors & Programs Coordinator, The Studio Museum

Moderated by Stacy Miller, Co-Founder, Higher Yourself

Reserve Your Seat Today!

This event is organized by Higher Yourself, who is dedicated to providing tools and resources to emerging and mid-career artists. Check out HigherYourself.com to see the full panel series, running through April.