NASCAR Hall of Fame

The NASCAR Hall of Fame is an excellent site to visit in Charlotte, NC. With fun for the whole family, it is a must-see when you are in the Queen City. Interactive, photo worthy and engaging exhibitions fill the floors of the site with a thrilling simulation! Great spot for museum lovers, thrill seekers, car lovers and city enthusiasts.

There next event will be Easter Egg 400. Make sure you visit next time you’re there!

Intergalactic Soul

Jason Woodberry’s “Dark Matter”

Intergalactic Soul is an art exhibition that brings science fiction and social awareness together as one. The artwork explores a cosmic sci-fi theme that’s driven by social, political and cultural undertones. Imagination meets consciousness to create a show with a message for all to ponder, discuss and enjoy.

Marcus Kiser’s “Lasers Not Losers”

Intergalactic Soul art exhibition  is at the Harvey B. Gantt center of African-American Art in Charlotte, NC through Sept 27, 2015.

Intergalactic Soul is the visual work of artist Marcus Kiser & Jason Woodberry. Quentin Tally is the performance artist and narrator.

Marcus Kiser’s “Kosmic Kulture Krunch”

Marcus Kiser’s “Kosmic Kulture Krunch”

Venturing Out of the Heart of Darkness


On Saturday, February 7th I attended the Family Opening for Venturing Out of the Heart of Darkness at the Henry B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts and Culture in Charlotte, NC.  Focused on colonialism and its impact on  black culture, the exhibit  features 19 artists who are national and international representatives of the African diaspora. Some of the artists featured include Jason Patterson and Bethany Collins. Within the exhibit are a variety of mediums, such as sculpture, performance art, collage and digital media. Full of thought-provoking and inspiring artworks, it is a must-see for all that can attend.

My personal favorite was the collaboration between Heather Hart and André D. Singleton, which allowed for personal introspection and participation in an activated space in the galleries. Sharing my wish was a powerful and moving experience.

Open through June 26th  the exhibit provides a breadth of work that allows you to examine the societal impact of colonialism on how black culture is viewed and defined.

METRO Show 2014

Last week I attended the opening for METRO Show 2014, which is an art fair that displays work from galleries whose work mainly focuses on American folk art, pre colonization art (labeled by some galleries as indigenous art), and the decorative arts. While I would love to see a more diverse perspective and collection of artists and images present within the fair, I do have some highlights I would love to share with you all.

14 - 12

Bill Rauhauser, Woman on Bus, #4/7 C. 1955-1960, Pigment print, archival paper, Hill Gallery.


Bill Rauhauser, Young Woman at Lamp Post, #3/7 C. 1960s, Pigment print, archival paper, Hill Gallery.


Romare Bearden, Sunrise-The China Lamp, 1985. Collage on Board. Jerald Melberg Gallery.


Romare Bearden, Ulysses, 1940. Ink, watercolor, and gouache on paper. Jerald Melberg Gallery.


Romare Bearden, Untitled, C. 1966-70. Collage mounted on panel. Jerald Melberg Gallery.


Left: Robert Motherwell, Open Forms (from the Joyce Sketchbook), 1985. Ink and China Marker on Paper. Jerald Melberg Gallery.
Right: Robert Motherwell, Untitled (from the Joyce Sketchbook), 1985. Ink and China Marker on Paper. Jerald Melberg Gallery.


Robert Motherwell, Untitled (from the Joyce Sketchbook), 1985. Ink and China Marker on Paper. Jerald Melberg Gallery.