Iris Apfel, American Style Icon

In the new year people often set out with proclamations to make the year better while remaining true to themselves. A style icon that has remained true to her golden formula was just featured on the T Magazine blog this week (Iris Apfel on T Magazine Blog). Her exquisite taste, style and individual expression are inspirations to us all as we go forward to create in the new year. Remember, “Style is ‘attitude, attitude, attitude,’ Iris Apfel says. ‘It ain’t what you do, it’s what you do with it.'”

To see a full video with her interview on the meaning of style click here: Iris Apfel on the Meaning of Style

Public Art in New York City: Spring Edition

New blog post “Spring Into Public Art” on The Tammany! The post provides information on public art around New York City you must see this season.

Information on The Tammany: “Formed by a brother-sister duo born in Brooklyn and raised in Manhattan, The Tammany provides a platform for the voice of New York’s youth, often drowned out by a sea of pretenders. Like our namesake, our guiding principle is to get away with being ridiculous. With op-eds, reviews, and good old-fashioned rants, The Tammany voices opinion on everything from your shoe-laces to your politics. We don’t subscribe to what Nebraskans say is hip in New York and we can’t take ourselves serious enough to try. The Tammany is by natives for the world.” – The Tammany