Curator on the Edge: Greg Colleton

A native of Charleston, Greg Colleton developed a passion for the arts at a young age as a student at the local School of the Arts. In 2004, he attended Winston-State Salem University, where he received a BA in studio arts with a concentration in sculpture. As a student, he was the regional student rep/curator for the 4D Gallery, Dada Center of the Arts, and the university gallery.

Upon graduating, Greg was involved with the Greater Greensboro Commission for the Civil Rights Museum, where his bronze sculpture is permanently displayed. Following college, he moved back to Charleston to pursue his career as an intern at Eye Level Art gallery. With a desire to highlight the gray area of art, Greg and local writer/friend, Elizabeth Bowers started curating with their pop up art concept, Gris Galerie. The two changes locations, artists, medium/entertainment, while trying to bring fresh talent to the city and highlight the local, underrepresented artists. Their goals are to bring about progression and help to change the contemporary art scene in Charleston for the better.


Landon Neil Phillips Photography

It was a pleasure to interview Greg and find out some more information about his role in the contemporary art scene in Charleston. Enjoy getting to know a little bit about him!

EH: What inspires you?

GC: My surroundings, our studio artist at Redux, young contemporaries, my interns, family history/legacy. Charleston.

EH: How do you hope to impact the world of contemporary art?

GC: First, I would like to start in Charleston! I would love to see Charleston develop into a more diverse multi-purposed/ working art city, that encourages artists and people to inhabit. With the contemporary-art world, continue to push limits, boundaries, and  to diversify the dialogue for all demographic.

EH: Any advice to creatives?

GC: Constantly create, evolve.  Utilize present day social media platforms as a way of marketing, but not as your obnoxious “mega phone” for your opinions. Let your ART to be your mega phone. Never look at another artist’s success as a threat. Create and channel your own success. Never imitate. Work for it, it may take awhile.

EH: Sum up your art in three words.

GC: Currently… “lacking. developing. geometric.”

In the past, “sculptural. assemblage. present.”

EH: What projects will debut in the next couple months?

GC: We have a ton of events and exhibition lined up for the next couple of months at Redux. Next month, I’ll be the juror and helping curate Piccolo Spoleto 2016 in Charleston. Currently, I’ll be going through all the applicants and selecting the artists who will be exhibited.  Also, we’ll be welcoming artist Melissa Stern at Redux. She will be installing her series “The Talking Cure,” presenting 12 sculptures that form the basis of the exhibition. Stern then tapped 12 writers to craft their own interpretation of her sculptures, effectively giving them their own life, separate from the artist. Twelve actors were then asked to record their interpretations of the written word, which viewers can access on their smartphone via the cloud.”

Personally, I’m starting a painting. We shall see where that will progress.

EH: How can people get in touch with you to collaborate or learn more about your work?

GC: email me. You can find my contact info via


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