Archibald Motley "Self-Portrait (Myself at Work)" 1933 Oil on canvas

Archibald Motley “Self-Portrait (Myself at Work)” 1933 Oil on canvas

Archibald Motley was an African-American storyteller through painting of twentieth-century American life. He studied at School of the Art Chicago in 1910s and specialized in portraiture and saw it “as a means of affirming racial respect and race pride.” He is noted for his contributions to the Harlem Renaissance. His night and crowd scenes show the jazz culture influence and vivid, urban black culture. His work addressed the complexity of modern life. The exhibition “Archibald Motley: Jazz Age Modernist” can be viewed at Whitney Museum of American Art through January 17, 2016.


Archibald Motley “Portrait of a Cultured Lady” 1948 Oil on canvas


Archibald Motley “Playground (Recess)” 1940 Oil on composition board


Archibald Motley “Barbecue” 1934 Oil on canvas


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