The Kara Walker Experience: WE ARE HERE

Cover Photo

A gathering for people of color at Kara Walker’s art installation in the Domino Sugar factory. Invite your friends– and your friends’ friends– so that we can experience this space as the majority.

This exhibition reflects a monumental moment in history. “Walker’s gigantic temporary sugar-sculpture speaks of power, race, bodies, women, sexuality, slavery, sugar refining, sugar consumption, wealth inequity, and industrial might that uses the human body to get what it needs no matter the cost to life and limb” (Creative Time curatorial statement).

Set in Williamsburg, Brooklyn—a community that continues to experience a deep physical and mental erasure of recent history— this exhibition provides a chance for its thousands of daily visitors to reflect on this history before the old factory space is replaced by high rises.

Let us gather to experience this important work, together.

FREE + all are welcome!
*Arrive at 2pm (Sun. June 22) and enjoy/build community while in line.

*This event is organized collectively, and is unaffiliated with Kara Walker and Creative Time.

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