Website Edge: Flavorpill

Official Flavorpill Logo

Official Flavorpill Logo

Flavorpill is an exciting and fun website that helps you curate a cultural experience for yourself in New York City. Centered around cultural picks, the website helps you find great events in your interest area. With everything from bourbon tasting to exclusive boutique previews Flavorpill is a great resource for New Yorkers. Moreover, it is a place where you and your friends can find interesting events, save and share them in one place. A cool feature is that when you follow people, venues, and topics you like, Flavorpill will give you recommendations.

I’ve gotten the chance to win a variety of experiences through Flavorpill (another perk are the free events you can experience or the experiences you can win)! From my experience I got first dibs at design fairs to lunch time mix parties to rooftop lounge networking events. Each event has been of great quality and more importantly a fun time! I highly recommend it for a chance to enhance your fun in New York City!

Be sure to sign up here:

Live on the edge, with the arts of course!

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