Performance on the Edge: Witness Uganda

Witness Uganda

by Matt Gould and Griffin Matthews
Directed by Tony nominee Diane Paulus

Workshop Performance Shown: Monday January 28th at 8pm,  Thursday January 31st at 4pm or Thursday January 31st at 8pm

At:  The Miller Theatre at Columbia University (2960 Broadway (at 116th St))


Griffin, a black American volunteer arrives from New York City to help build a village school and escape his church’s probing into his sexuality.  But when he falls into a complicated relationship with a group of destitute, orphaned teenagers, he becomes obsessed with a mission that will change his and their lives forever.  From the beautiful rolling hills of the Ugandan countryside to a stifling apartment in New York City, from a joyous celebration of African youth to a terrifying abduction 8000 miles away, Witness Uganda documents the story of a man battling to find his place in a world full of injustice and inhumanity and explores the question “is changing the world even possible?”


Phenomenal production, magnificent performances, and exquisite storyline headline the workshop performance of Witness Uganda. It is a moving and uplifting play that will progress and develop to touch even more lives than it’s 3 performances have so far. With the love of many Broadway giants in the room, Witness Uganda was a phenomenal fête.

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