Update on Artist on the Edge: Chriss Barkley’s “The Patient”


“The Patient” 2012.

One of my first artist profiles, Chriss Barkley, has a new short film I recommend for you all to view. Directed by, co-written, and co-produced by Chriss Barkley, “The Patient” is a an outstanding short film with its wit, charm and dark undertones.

"Behind the Scenes" from set of "The Patient"  image 2

“Chriss Behind the Scenes” from set of “The Patient” image 1

" Chriss Behind the Camera" from the set of "The Patient" image 1

” Chriss Behind the Camera” from the set of “The Patient” image 2

Info on the short film: “The Patient”, is a dark satire starring Johntrae Williams who plays the character, Silvio, a man who inherently views the world differently than that of those around him. Silvio feels that he is the only sane person checked in to the mental institution where he currently resides. Furthermore, he doesn’t understand why he’s there. But, as the story unfolds, we quickly learn the tale of a twisted man who is caught on the fringe between boyhood and manhood. He is a master of wit, as he skillfully spins memories into flat out delusions in an effort to avoid trouble with his psychiatrist.

"Psych Ward" Behind the Scenes shot 1. "The Patien" set.

“Psych Ward” Behind the Scenes shot 1. “The Patient” set.

Watch HERE: The Patient

Live life on the edge, with the arts of course!

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