Space on the Edge: Liberated Movement

"Liberated Movement logo"

“Liberated Movement logo”

Housed within Battery Dance Studios, Liberated Movement® is one of my favorite spaces in New York City. It is a nonprofit, founded in 2010, that offers donation-based dance classes to the public. With only a suggested $5 minimum donation, Liberated Movement® offers a plethora of classes throughout their monthly posted schedule. In addition to making dance financially accessible, the structure of the classes make dance accessible to any level! Whether you have a dance background or never experienced dance before, Liberated Movement® is a great space to come to.There is no pre-registration necessary for classes, just show up and gear up to dance!

From salsa on 1, yoga, contemporary, and hip-hop to name a few classes, Liberated Movement® is one of the most innovative places in New York City. It is always a great time when you go there for a class. Definitely go visit and experience Liberated Movement®!

For contact information, schedule, and class descriptions head to:

Live life on the edge, with the arts of course!

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