Drama on the Edge: Not About Eve

From Thursday November 29th through Sunday December 2nd, Not About Eve will showcase the talented writing of Jamaican playwright Karl O’Brian Williams. It was an official selection from the National Black Theater Festival Reading Series 2011.
From the official press release:
“Not About Eve is the story of the Jamaican Shields family- three women from different generations who find themselves at a crossroads in their lives as their society changes rapidly around them. ‘Mama’ Agatha Rochester clings to old world values and her religion to cope, but is confused and distressed when her fiercely independent granddaughter Kimberley – a visual artist who represents a new generation seeking to define itself culturally and socially- begins to assert herself within the home. Meanwhile, her daughter, the upwardly mobile Katherine, a sexually adventurous entrepreneur and widow, is literally caught in the middle of the conflict between her mother and daughter, even as she herself struggles with the mistakes of her own past and forging a path forward.”
It was an amazing show full of emotion and wit! You all need to attend this coming weekend. It has been extended for December 7th-9th. Do attend!
Call Roy Arias Studios & Theatre Box Office 212-957-8358 or Braata Productions at 917-668-2209 or email braataproductions@gmail.com for ticket outlets and more information!
Live life on the edge, with the arts of course!

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