Museum on the Edge: California African American Museum

The California African American Museum, located in Los Angeles, California, was a highlight of my trip to California. Filled with an impeccable visual arts and history collection in addition to their special exhibitions, CAAM was full of opportunities to learn about the impact of African Americans to California history, influence in visual arts, and the relationship it all has to the world at large.

I especially went to view the CAAM’s special exhibition on Lois Mailou Jones. It was magnificent. Providing an overview of her career that included images from her time in North Carolina, Harlem, the African Continent and beyond, it contained a multitude of work. All indicating her influence on generations of Black artists in the United States and the diaspora. It is a definite must-see!

On view curently
Lois Mailou Jones A Life In Vibrant Color (July 12, 2012 – September 16, 2012)
Promises of Freedom: Selections from the Arthur Primas Collection (April 19 – September 2, 2012)
In the Courtyard: Shared Thread (June 28, 2012 – December 30, 2012)
The Legacy  of the Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Company: More Than A Business (Through March 2, 2013)

Live on the edge, with the arts of course!

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