Artist on the Edge: Antoine Williams aka RAW

here’s to hoping it rhymes for a reason. 2011. acrylic on drywall and wooden boxes
40ft x12.5ft. Antoine Williams collaborative installation with John Hairston

Written on his website: History has proven to us that class struggle is constant and ever-changing. There will always be people at the top of society (most commonly referred to as the haves) and there will always be those at the bottom rungs of the social order (known as the have not’s). Therefore, if time ever chooses you to be one of the few selected to ascend amongst the haves…don’t be a douche bag.

His Biography  Question Everything?  If people had taglines, that would probably be  Antoine Williams’. 

He’s always been that observant person to ask “why” or, better yet, “why not.”  Even as a kid, back in the rural town of Red Springs, NC where he was born in 1980, Antoine used his creativity to feed his hunger for the unknown. This inquisitive nature followed through art school at UNC-Charlotte. Here, Antoine began to notice social differences and injustices whether they be racial, cultural, or economical. Influenced by artists such as Diego Rivera, Banksy, Barkley Hendricks, Shepard Fairey, and Emory Douglas, Antoine began to comment on issues that concerned, yet interested him. Antoine’s work is a fusion of street art, hip hop culture and propaganda art that comments on social/political issues as they relate to everyday people. “I feel that art should be for everyone, not just the elite.” In 2005, Antoine co-founded the art collective, God City, whose mission is to educate, entertain and assist the people through artistic expression. Antoine currently has work in The Mint Museum of Art permanent collection and in the homes of various collectors, while continuing to exhibit work, and while pushing his artistic abilities and message.

Antoine Williams aka RAW is one of my favorite living artists. Within his work you see passion and drive as well as raw talent. I cannot wait to see how his work evolves and develops as he goes further into his career. His work can be viewed at:

Antoine Williams. Obama. 2009. Cover illustration for Creative Loafing

Live on the edge, with the arts of course!

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