Must See Exhibit: Addio Del Passato by Yinka Shonibare MBE

Fake Death Picture (The Death of Chatterton – Henry Wallis)
digital chromogenic print
Framed: 58 5/8 x 71 1/4 in. (148.91 x 180.98 cm)

Within the James Cohan Gallery, located at 533 West 26th Street, is an exhibit by the acclaimed and provocative artist Yinka Shonibare MBE which will be up until March 24th.

Like his previous works, the exhibit offers commentary on culture, colonialism, and post-colonialism. The show also offers critique and satire of race and class through photography, sculpture, and performance media. It also is infused with the importance of social justice. Additionally it questions the definition and boundaries of nationhood and identity. Combining all of those elements together you get an interesting, unforgettable, though-provoking show.
Entitled Addio Del Passato, the exhibit incites passion, compelling conversation, and social commentary to those who interact with it. It is in two words: tragically beautiful. It compels you to admire the beauty of craft, composition, and construction while reflecting with disgust on the original intentions and history of the pieces.
For more information on the exhibit head to:
For more information on: Yinka Shonibare MBE

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