Experience on the Edge: Fuerza Bruta

On Friday night I went to Fuerza Bruta, which is located near Union Square. I wasn’t sure what kind of musical, performance or art experience it was going to be, but I heard from friends it would be at the very least interesting. Additionally, I knew that I had to be ready to have a good time since I’d be on my feet for the performance.
The show completely blew me away with its high energy, audience participation, and fun atmosphere! It is definitely a must-see for those looking for a New York experience. It is an experience on the edge that will have you energized and ready for a fun night ahead. The other highlight was being able to experience the
performance art with other young people my age, and the audience dynamic is a definite plus for the show.
For more information on the show go to: Fuerza Bruta NYC
Fun recipes and contests can be found on: Fuerza Bruta Facebook and Fuerza Bruta NYC Twitter
Live on the Edge, with the Arts of course!

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