Bronx on the Edge: Green Bronx Machine

In my hometown of the Bronx, New York a teacher, Steve Ritz not only grew produce in his classroom but opened a gateway to new, innovative technology that his students helped create, produce, and replicate in neighborhoods in New York City and Boston. The food walls the students create bring together communities and utilize spaces often overlooked by urban planners. More importantly the most impressive part of the work of the Green Bronx Machine is that it created an area of green in the poorest Congressional district in the United States of America that is considered a food dessert. People in the South Bronx are able to imagine a greener world and that sustainability is not a trendy word or a fad but relates to communities of all economic levels. Providing educational tools for future generations, employment and job training for adolescents, and inspiration in a time of bleak surroundings the Green Bronx Machine embodies the compelling and influential nature of American innovation as well as the motivating power of the stories of the people who create.

Watch the amazing TEDxManhattan talk given by Steve Ritz:

Green Bronx Machine at TEDxManhattan 2012 Talks

To find out more on the amazing work being done by Green Bronx Machine clink the links below:

Green Bronx Machine website
Intro Video to Green Bronx Machine
Green Bronx Machine Facebook page

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