Exhibit on the Edge: Carl Beam (Organized by the National Gallery of Canda)

Carl Beam, Summa, 2002, photo-emulsion on canvas,
274 x 213.2 cm. Collection of Ann Beam.
Photo copyright Harquail Photography

Within the National Museum of the American Indian at The George Gustav Heye Center of the Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House is an exhibit organized by the National Gallery of Canada. It is a retrospective of the work of artist Carl Beam (1943-2005) whose work spans from the 1970s to 2004. His work is the first work of a First Nations artist to be published by the National Gallery of Canada.  

A beautiful retrospective. it is a must-see for those who love art, social justice, and/or expression. It is on view now through April 15, 2012. Since it is being shown at a Smithsonian Museum, the exhibit is FREE! A wonderful bonus to see the exhibit!
The link to the website for more information: Carl Beam: National Museum of the American Indian
The exhibit includes showcases some of the breadth of his work and includes: large-scale paintings, multimedia, ceramics, video, and sculpture. All bursting with color and the message that we all are connected to one another. Through the message is the constant questioning of colonialism and the effects of Western contemporary culture along with his use of Anishinaabek traditions.

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