Artist on the Edge: Whitney Combs

Whitney Combs is an artist whose work captures the soft, delicate, and organic nature of the subjects she captures on film. Whether people or things, her work indicates the connection she makes and the natural talent she has. In this interview, you get a sneak peek into the creative mind of Whitney Combs, an artist whose heart transfers onto film. A fellow Salem sister, she is a joy to be around and certainly her work translates her heart as well.

1. What are your mediums of creative inspiration?

My medium of creative inspiration is photography.  I have loved taking pictures for as long as I can remember; but started researching it and actively photographing more when I was in high school.

2. How do you become inspired to create?

Whitney Combs. Rose.
I would say that it’s mainly people that inspire me to create.  I love to photograph people so they are who inspire me.  I love to see emotions and relationships in people of all ages.  I do, however, particularly love photographing children.  It’s so honest to me.

3. Can you explain your creative process or show it?

Unfortunately, I can’t really explain it.  I work mostly with people; so each person I photograph can bring out a different creative process for myself.  Depending on their mood or personality, my work will come across differently; and that’s the best part.

4. One word to describe your work. Pure.


Whitney Combs. Noel.

5. Artist who inspires you.

I’m inspired by so many artists, not even necessarily famous ones.  There are plenty of local artists (photographers, painters, musicians) that inspire me with their creative work.  I would say that anyone that can express themselves and it truly shows their passion through their work, that inspires me.

6. Do you often collaborate with other artists?

I don’t; but I would love to.  

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