Event on the Edge: Ailey II Returns to NYC in April

Ailey II in Echoes. Photo: Eduardo Patino, NYC

During April 6-17, 2011 the Ailey II division of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater returns to NYC! This is a great event to preview some cutting edge dance and choreography!

Ailey II is a select 12 member group of young dancers handpicked by the director from The Ailey School. This talented 12 perform nation and worldwide, representing some of the best in American dance performers. They perform cutting edge and vibrant choreography while refining their skills and preparing for the professional world of dance. All of these performers are a must-see! 

The photos in this posting are snapshots from 2 of the pieces in their repertoire for their program. Very thrilling!

The link to explore more about the company and its dates in NYC and worldwide is: http://www.alvinailey.org/node/2021%20

Ailey II in Proximity. Photo: Eduardo Patino, NYC

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