Artist on the Edge: Sade’ Clacken Joseph

This week’s artist on the edge is Sade’ Joseph,  a fresh face with some definite edge. Her work infuses the edge and grit of street style with soft, warm light. It keeps you intrigued with risk-taking focal points and action shots as well as intimate portraits and personal moments. It draws you in to the subject to find out more about her(his) story. Truly a juxtaposition of skill and gut instinct, Sade’ combines the cool and the edgy in all her forms of expressions. Truly an artist you will hear from in years to come, get to know the cool edge that is Sade’ Clacken Joseph.                                                                                            

(Sade’ Clacken Joseph by Naima Green (

  Firstly, what is (are) your medium(s) of creative expression? How long have you been studying and working at your medium?

My most passionate mediums of creative expression would have to be film, photography, writing and music. I started playing piano when I was four years old. I wrote my first song when I was sixteen years old, but began writing poetry and short stories a few years before. Film came into my life during high school when I began to make documentaries as part of our new broadcast journalism program. Nothing could take me away from the camera, and I sought to express my feelings as well as capture the emotion and actions of others through my lens. My passion for photography developed recently in college after purchasing my first DSLR. Similar to film, photography extended my perception and understanding of capturing life and it has quickly become one of my most beloved art forms. 
What shows have you been in? Are you represented by any company right now? Are you an independent artist?

Apart from school plays and productions I have not been in any shows, however I often perform at hired gigs and open mic nights throughout the New York City metropolitan area with my band mates. I also host a number of open mic nights on campus. Yes, I would classify myself as an independent, freelance artist.

What is your inspiration to begin working on a piece? Where do you go to gather inspiration? Where do you and your friends go to view art and collaborate? 
Sade’ Clacken Joseph (Aril after the Funeral – St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, Oct. 2010)

Inspiration for my photography and film almost always come from someone else. As an Anthropology major I focus primarily on ethnographic film – which centers around the study of human life and culture. A majority of my work are portraits, and capturing people in daily life, at work or in their own creative environments. Inspiration for my music usually comes from within.

 Do you often collaborate with other artists?
As many of my friends are artists, I often view art in their own galleries and show openings. Collaboration, in turns of music, usually occurs in jam sessions with my bandmates and fellow musician friends somewhere on campus or in an apartment.

How has your work been inspired by community? How important is the community to your work?
As director of an artistic and literary magazine, I collaborate with many artists in the area. Also holding events and magazine launch parties require I collaborate with other artists who are interested in being involved in the show. Additionally, I may collaborate with other musicians who I meet and connect with at open mics and do back ground vocals or play piano etc for them and vice versa.

How have you collaborated with community?
I am currently working on a piece in Harlem, and community has most definitely played a large role in its inspiration. The long and rich history of Harlem’s community is taking shape in my work, as well as the way the community is changing and being effected by gentrification. I am also interested in the ways different communities of artists interact with each other, and that also lends to inspiration in my work. I also collaborated heavily with community in a piece I wrote on Williamsburg, Brooklyn last year which involved me interacting and spending a great deal of time getting to know the community; interviewing locals on doorsteps and in businesses and photographing them etc. in order to tell their stories.

Her work can be found at:

Live on the edge, with the arts of course!

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