Artist on the Edge: Meryl Jefferson

Multi-talented, fearless, and creative artist Meryl Jefferson is my artist on the edge for the weekend. Read on to know a bit about her and where you can hear her in a jam session near you!
Firstly, what is (are) your medium(s) of creative expression? How long have you been studying and working at your medium?
I am a spiritual being first and foremost. My forms of creative expression are creating sound by using my violin, voice, and body. I create movement from dance. I create art from my photography and art making (painting, coloring)
I have been studying for over 15 years. Within that time span I’ve learned other instruments such as the flute, guitar, voice and piano.

What shows have you been in? Are you represented by any company right now? Are you an independent artist?
Yes, I am an independent artist. I have been in quite a number of shows within my time span as an artist. The most memorable shows I can remember are the following:
1)     Playing my very first performance at Carnegie Hall with my elementary school Suzuki violin music program at Five Years old. I didn’t realize where I was or what I was doing. I wasn’t scared or anxious…I was unbelievably calm.
2)     The second show would be performing at TD Jakes church (The Potter’s House) in Dallas Texas with Leon Lacey and L.I.V. Opening to thousands of people for a very early service was unbelievable.

What is your inspiration to begin working on a piece? Where do you go to gather inspiration? Where do you and your friends go to view art and collaborate?
Usually, my inspiration comes from my violin teacher. He’s amazing. He is constantly pushing me to be better and to go above and beyond whatever I’m going through. He has more faith in me than I have in myself. I also gain inspiration from my family.
My friends and I usually find art wherever. It’s funny because we can become memorized on all sorts of street art that surrounds us. Living in NYC there is art always surrounding you.

Do you often collaborate with other artists?

Yes, I often perform with my friend, Dian Sentino, she is a singer and song writer based in Brooklyn NY. I have performed with another friend of mine- a violinist based in Brooklyn is named Krystle Ford. I play perform with Leon Lacey and the Leon Lacey Orchestra and MuthaWit

Has your work been inspired by community? How important is the community to your work?

Yes, I am a product of my community. I am a product of public school education. If it was not for my community and our the civic associations in my neighborhood I probably would not be where I am today.

How have you collaborated with community?

I performed once for Restoration Plaza on their community day with MuthaWit.

Can you also please list where people can view or buy your work, whether a link or address.
You can view Leon Lacey and the Leon Lacey Orchestra at

For MuthaWit you can check out:

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